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Walk in Nature

Find your path


You've come to the right place if you:

  • Long to belong but feel like you don't quite fit in.

  • Question your purpose in life, and think everyone else has it figured out.

  • Feel like you have to change yourself to fit into the group around you.

  • Look to others but are not sure they really see you.

  • Feel overwhelmed and wish someone understood.

Are you ready to figure out who you want to be in the world? Enjoy your journey -- find a pace and path that works for you! We’ll discover what's holding you back, set meaningful goalposts, work on proven inquiries and exercises, adapt to bumps in the road, and celebrate your accomplishments.


My Approach

I've adapted an evidence-based coaching model to guide you in exploring your deepest values, most illuminating insights, and loftiest aspirations. All in a safe and supportive environment: feet on the ground,  eyes on the horizon.

My Services


I offer one-on-one sessions, in person and online. 

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Let's talk and see if coaching's right for you.

We can talk by telephone or Zoom to assess your needs and discuss my approach, so you can make an informed decision regarding working together.

Let's Talk
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